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    1. One-stop-shop provider of thermoplastic solutions

      Shenzhen Shyla Technology Co., Ltd specializes in complex and precision state-of-the-art mold making for the plastic injection molding industry. We go beyond traditional mold building to offer value-added solutions to meet our customer’s most demanding challenges.
      ST Mold provides consistent, carefully planned solutions from conception to design to product delivery, and all at a competitive price. Our highly trained staff uses state of the art technology and large equipment, allowing us to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

      Contact Us

      Shenzhen Shyla Technology Co., Ltd
      Add: No.105, 54-Building, Dayun Software town, Longgang distrcit, Shenzhen 518172, China

      Tel:    +86-755-28371682

      Fax:   +86-755-28371683

      Email:   bd@shyla-tech.com

      Project Managment

      Good project management is the key of a program moves smoothly. It seamlessly integrates enterprising resource planning and scheduling with shop floor execution, enabling us to provide better service than any other competitors.
      Our team members with extensive in plastic design, tooling and molding backgrounds will contribute to the overall project plan to reduce cost and time. During mold design, we discuss all details with customer with open attitude.To help customers track on the project closely, the weekly report with digital pictures will be updated every Friday.

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